Data Science for Enterprises: Easy Availability and Advanced Analytics

Society Intelligence is a data science platform, empowering enterprises to make an even bigger impact on society and the environment.

  • State-of-the-Art Analytics
  • Most reliable statistical data on a granular level
  • Cost-efficient offer
  • Development of a data science community
  • Pipeline of new products

Create your Impact Dashboard

The main feature is an impact dashboard available for all enterprises that allows them to design their own visualizations using an almost infinite number of visualization elements. This enables them to show their activities to third parties and to use it for internal purposes.

The dashboard also provides daily updated statistical data, such as poverty development, life development, and GDP, which enterprises can use as baseline and context data.

Ultimately, having a high-quality impact data portfolio at the enterprise level will enable them to use this data for funding purposes, which is in the interest of the companies.

Some examples

What are we offering in the version

1. Access to Eurostat Data

All Eurostat data available and regularly updated.

2. Integration of proprietary datasets

Users can add their own datasets and visualize the data accordingly.

3 . Visualization based on Leading Superset Framework

Society intelligence is built on the Superset Framework for outstanding charts.

Data Science for Impact Enterprises

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