Society Intelligence is a part of NGen Impact GmbH, headquartered in the city of Vienna.

The story began when we noticed the frequent use of Excel for managing and analyzing data among professionals striving to make a difference in our society.

Recognizing the potential to streamline and simplify this process, we set out to develop an easy-to-use platform specifically designed for those working towards creating a positive impact.

Our long-term vision is to empower data-driven entrepreneurs by providing better funding opportunities and support. We believe that by facilitating access to valuable resources, we can accelerate the growth of innovative projects and ventures that contribute to the betterment of our world.

At Society Intelligence, we are also deeply committed to fostering trust, transparency, and accountability within the impact sector. By promoting these values, we aim to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of organizations working to make a difference, ultimately improving the outcomes of their efforts.

To learn more about our previous work and the impact we’ve made, please visit our Google Scholar profile.