Connect your data

It is easy to connect your data.

We are using a cloud software that links to publicly addressable databases. If customers are using local databases, they can either host their database on the internet through a cloud provider or use a database solution provided by a cloud service.

You can either use Google Sheets or any other of the databases such as Snowflake or Databricks.

The existing Eurostat data is already part of the datasets and you can just select your preferred options.

Create your chart

It is also straightforward to create your chart.

Select the dataset, pick a chart type and create your chart. There are various featured charts in a chart gallery.

Once your chart is created, you can adjust the chart type in the Chart Builder if needed. To set up the chart, select your entries and drop them in the panel.

It may sound complicated but it is very intuitive.

Create your dashboard

A dashboard is customizable with images, text and charts.

Adding a chart to a dashboard can be done in different ways: when saving a chart, when editing an existing dashboard, or when creating a new chart from an empty dashboard.

You can create as many dashboards as you want. You can also share charts and dashboards with others.